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The Methods for Playing the Roulettes

Roulette is probably the most popular and most famous casino game ever played in both traditional and virtual casino versions. A fairly simple, understandable and incredibly seductive roulette game all over the world attracts many players – both in small establishments and in those casinos where bets are measured in thousands of euros. In the video below, you will find a short explanation on how to play roulette.

Roulette systems – a skeptic’s opinion.

Systems, systems, systems: everyone wants a “good” mathematical system to win at roulette!

Inappropriately, there happens not to be “good” exact systems for playing roulette, there use to be only bad, identical bad and horrible systems for playing roulette.

Roulette game system – a scheme whereby the next bet is determined by what happened to the previous bet. A raise after a loss, a raise after a win, or some sophisticated method of tracking losing or winning sequences to determine the next bet is a system.

When you are betting over a number at, the casino use to pay the winnings of 35 to 1, and over the table there use to be 36 numbers and zero. This means that when you win, you give a part of your winnings to the casino. If you lose, you don’t pay anything except the loss. If the game was fair, the casino would pay 36 to 1 on a number bet. All the “mathematical” classifications will lose at the time of a long game because of the house.

It should be borne in mind that roulette has one advantage over the player – if the game is long enough, any betting system loses. But the player has two advantages over roulette:

  • The player can finish playing when he wants (unless, of course, he has not lost to a penny)
  • The player can change the size of the bets (within the limits allowed in the casino).

Using these two advantages, you can get a stable income from playing roulette. But any roulette system has one drawback – it cannot provide consistent winnings. You should be ready for this.